Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sometimes I Have To Wonder.....

Well, actually I wonder about a lot of things lately.  Like why do people have to complain all the time yet never try to do anything different?  I know I tried in the community where I live and got nowhere.

Jas 5:9 Tells us not to complain about each other,
yet we do it anyway!  Why is that do you think?

Why do we only think of God when things are not so good?  Like an illness, death of a loved one or some misfortune that one has run into.  Isn't God good all the time! Mat 19:17 

It just seems that a lot of us only express our faith when something is wrong and not much the rest of time.  Not all, mind you , but many  and that is just not right. Psa 7:17  Psa 30:90  Jas 5:13

I also wonder about many that say they have faith in God but yet by their actions sometimes you have to wonder?  I am just as guilty as many others are and that is not a good thing. Mat 5:16

Aren't we to do things for others, aren't we to be the hands and feet of Jesus?
If so , then why are so many that say they have faith and believe in God are "crippled" in that aspect? Jas 2:14-20

Maybe I am way off on this, yet again, Sometimes I Have To Wonder.

Comments Most welcomed!

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