Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time to Leave and Return...

So for the past 6 or more months I had been involved in our community and was attempting to "do good" for the residents that live here.  That didn't exactly work out the way I had thought that it would back in Nov / Dec of 012.

This was even after I had prayed about, discussed it with my wife, talked it over with others and on and on, seeking as much advice as possible.

Well , It has ended and
I have stepped back from that obligation, or rather volunteer position, for a number of reasons that run the gamut from support to infighting and more,
that I'm sure any one could imagine, and you would probably be close.

Therefore, I have left that behind and am moving on.  At times it feels that God is in fact Directing my steps as it says in Prov 16:9 . So I want to return to the things I feel I should be doing that would please God and not just people, as that is more important  Rom 8:8

So it may be time to come back Zec 8:3 .  What form that takes I don't know, but what I do know is that we need to be serving God Jos 24:15  and do what is pleasing to Him in whatever form that may be.  I mistakenly thought that what I was doing back in Dec and Jan was that.   But I was wrong!

So Its time to right a wrong.  How?  Not totally sure how but know I have to be doing something different and the only way to do that is to start!  You know the saying, "to accomplish something different , you have to DO something different."

I think it has to do with changing the conversation to get going in a different direction to have a different outcome.  After all, how long can you keep wondering around in circles? Num 32:11

Maybe there are more important things we all need to discuss.  This I don't know, but do know that the old conversations weren't getting it any longer which is the reason for the "forum" above.  A Message Board to be able to discuss what YOU want and start conversations YOU want to start, not just respond to what I have to say.  

Maybe we should try to get  to work for all our advantage and use.

So it seems to be Time to Return, Psa 81:13

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