What’s It All About?

Relationships and authenticity! REAL People, having REAL discussions about REAL issues.
We firmly believe in getting together, talking about things and helping each other. Sometimes you are just seeking answers or need a different viewpoint. That’s what this is all about! To give you a place to get those viewpoints, answers and help without being beaten down or beaten up. After all, isn’t this what we are supposed to do? Didn’t someone once say “what goes around comes around?” . Let’s Connect! God Loves You, Jesus Loves You and We Love You. Jesus teaches us to reach out and help each other and that IS the purpose of this site, To equip and train you so that you can reach out to help others and BE the Church, Not Just GO TO one!.
Did you ever just have a need or sense that you needed to talk to somebody? This is the purpose, not to shove some type of religious belief down your throat! We’re committed Christians, not Clone makers, and not Robots!

Could it be that you have had a religious experience in the past and have been wounded? As a result, you no longer attend “church”?  We’re here for you!
We are all about learning and providing a need that is not being met. A need to believe in truth, belong to a group, get together and become what we are supposed to be and share this with others. Where everybody knows your name and still likes and cares for you anyway