What Is Our Vision here?

    We Vision a gathering of people worshiping, experiencing and sharing a relationship with God  
  • We Vision a group of people reaching out to others right in their own communities where they live, not miles and miles away.
  • We Vision this group expanding from one house church to many house churches in the community and then expanding to other communities.
  • We Vision a location to meet and relax with one another in a friendly, non-threatening environment, where fun, recreation and Bible Study is enjoyed by all.
  • We Vision of making disciples not pew warmers.
  • We Vision being an outreach to others.
  • We Vision of being able to truly help others in our communities the way Jesus intended.
  • We Vision this network gathering together at times for “Unity Celebrations” to share and learn what is happening in all these communities.
We don’t see this as just “growth for the sake of growth”.  That’s the definition of cancer.  We see it as “Coming and Being-then-Going and Doing” as the Bible teaches us.
This is NOT a church, denomination or religion. We are based on the concept of “Simple Organic Church”.  We have goals and leadership but there is no “Lording things over others”
  1. To provide a place for recreational needs  1Thes. 5:10
  2. To create an atmosphere to foster spiritual discussions and growth. 1Thes 5:14
  3. To provide a wholesome environment and share concerns. 1Cor 6:19
  4. To demonstrate in love our concern for one another and others. Jas 3:18
  5. To be able to encourage others. 1Thes 5:14
  6. To demonstrate in reality what “The Way” really is all about. Eph 4:1
  7. To provide a peaceful purposeful meeting and location to hold it. Col 3:15 ; Heb 10:25
So please get involved in our Discussions and Blog as this is not church as you may be accustomed to.  Remember, The Imperfect are Perfectly Welcomed Here!!
THE WORLD WILL KNOW…….. Jas 2:14-17