Friday, April 19, 2013

To Face or Not To Face……

That seems to be the question a lot anymore when it comes to social network sites.  Just how useful are they?

Sure, you can post updates to what you are doing, but how many actually get to see it or even respond to what you have to say?

I often wonder, where is the communication?  Isn’t that what we were told the purpose of social sites was all about---communicating?  So Where is it?

Sure , it’s nice reading thru all the status updates and a few you may even “like”, but there seems to still be a lack of communicating with one another.

Years ago, we were involved in a number of message boards.  There was a lot of conversations going on that were pretty good and we learned a lot from those times. 

So where has all that conversation gone?  Facebook, Google+ and others seem to be more centered on self status updates and less on actually having a conversation about something.
So we started a new message board to try to overcome all that.

Drop by and let us know what you think.  It only takes a moment to sign up and its FREE.
Or is it just me?  Hmm Just Saying!

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