Friday, December 9, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

You’ll have to excuse me but lately I’ve been thinking about things and have to say “ REALLY?  REALLY?

j0440281Seems there is a lot of flack about Christmas and Trees.  I mean its pretty bad when a 6 year old has to ask this question; “if it’s a holiday tree-----why do we only put it up at Christmas”

Now for being tolerant , it works BOTH ways.  If you don’t believe in something or someone, That’s fine!  BUT don’t tread on MY rights TO believe!

Then, there are some that want to re-interpret the Bible so that it’s OK to engage in sexual sin as long as it’s not involved in idolatry such as was seen in Sodom and Gomorrah.

So I guess using that reasoning that not only is same sexj0408911 ok, but then adultery, rape and pre-marital sex is now ok!

Maybe it’s me!  Guess I’m just not so tolerant!

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