Sunday, June 22, 2014

Politics and The Bible

Pro 29:2
When the wicked rule the people groan.  Says a lot about what is going on in the country today.  People moaning and groaning about our leadership in DC and even leadership in some of the "churches" around.

I started to think about this recently so I wanted to discover what the Bible has to say about "leadership"  and some of it is good and some not so good.

From this first verse, we need leaders that have good moral qualities.  Not just some popular charismatic type.  We seem to have enough of those already. This is why elections are important.  To identify these people and why it is "Christians" responsibility to teach these things to others.  After all, Jesus did tell us all to "Go and teach all nations the things he told us"!

Mat 28:19-20  We need people that will set a "Good" example for others to follow that are in line with what the Bible teaches us. Like "do to others what you would want done to you. Mat 7:12

How will we know these people? Mat 7:16 tells us by their "fruit" or actions.  Therefore it is essential that Biblical principles be the rule of which to judge these. The leaders are overseeing "God's household" since everything belongs to God to begin with! Psa 24:1 He is the Landlord and we are the tenants, charged with taking care of everything according to His directions

Tit 1:1-11 gives us what a "leader" should have as qualities.  These can be for both in our gatherings with other Christians as well as our political government since both are established by God.  We need to seek out these qualities in those that run for office and examine them in depth!

Luk 20:46-47 tells us what type of leaders to avoid and how to recognize them and what will happen to them.  They like to seem important, but really aren't! They have no morals and like to create divisions among people.

So, in a political sense how should we act? We should love our neighbor as ourselves Lev 19:18 and Mat 22:39 and by doing so will not grumble and argue but have discussions that are of value to all and possibly be able to get our point across much better.

We need to infuse the Word of God in all we do in order to be effective in our communities and country just like the Founding Fathers did and not just hid out in our local gatherings and say that Religion and politics don't mix.  While That may be true, I am not talking about "religion" as such but about the Bible which surpasses all religions!  We can be passionate and yet be considerate at the same time if we take time to apply what God has said to every aspect of our lives.

Psa 133:1 says its good for brothers to dwell in unity and we are all brothers and sisters to each other so we must come out from our sacred assemblies and be the light of the world Mat 5:14-16 so others can follow our examples and create a more moral society not by converting others to Christianity but by leading by example!  Some, but not enough of our leaders try to do this, but more are needed.

John 6:43 says we need to stop arguing among ourselves as to which "sect" of Christianity is correct and come together in the essentials of belief for the benefit of our country and use the Word of God in our everyday lives as a guide to good moral character of right and wrong! Not only do we need this in our "gatherings" , we also need in our countries leadership!

What Say You?

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